Friday, August 10, 2007

Nice Matters!

Well imagine my surprise when I looked at my messages on this here blog and found that I'd been given the Nice Matters Award! Mostly because I'd never heard of such and well, I just don't usually have "nice" things like this happen to me. What a pleasant gift from Blondie Spence of Vintage Primitives. Thank you!
Seems that I'm to choose some nice people to pass this award on to myself. Wow, that's a hard, yet easy thing to do. Limiting it to only 5, this would be: (and in no specific order, mind ya)
1. Edyth O'Neill of Red Cape Rugs
Edyth is such a gem, so knowledgeable of antique dolls, repairs and a wealth of information, she's always ready to share - we need to meet in person since we both live in Texas for goodness sake! Thank you for being a friend Edyth!
2. Claralie Hall of Gaunchywhomperd Bears
Claralie is a sweet and talented lady who also lives in Texas. We've met in person several times. I have to say that she is also very willing to share and is actually a real person. So many fakes out there! She inspired me to create several bears and always has the neatest gifts for my daughter when we go to Bear Shows. I own some of her fabulous work and appreciate her keeping in touch and sending me special "finds" via email. Thanks Claralie! (no website yet?)
3. Pam Overmier of Kingfisher Farm
Pam is a witty and fun kind of lady. She has inspired me with her fantastic vintage style bear and mohair animal creations. Always willing to offer help and advice and just a super nice person to be able to call a friend. Thanks for being there Pam!
4. Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head
Pam is a down to earth super friendly, talented pattern and folk art doll creator. Gosh, she's famous for her work and you'd never know it, cuz she's not a snob, LOL. Very supportive of other people's work and caring of other's feelings. What's not to like about someone like that? Thanks Pam for keeping in touch and for making me feel special!
5. Elena Barry of My Primitive Sistas
Elena is a neighbor here in Texas also and while I've never met her in person, I feel like I know her as if I had. Elena is from Russia and designs patterns, dolls and bears. She and I have kept in touch via emails and share information regularly. She is friendly and a wonderful Mom and wife and I'm glad to call her a friend. Nice is an understatement really :)
Thank you Elena for being a really nice friend!

Good luck to you all with your creative endeavors, something that we ALL have in common.
No, we're not all perfect, but that's what makes us so unique and special :)
HUGS to all,

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Soft in the Head said...

Okay now I just got tagged with a new award...the "Your a Doll" award and so I am passing this one on to you, heh heh....cause in my book your just that! Go to my blog for the nice little banner....and thanks for thinking about me meant a great deal...Pam