Monday, April 14, 2008

Texas Storms

We were hit with terrible storms this past weekend and many around us are still without power. Ours is on, thank goodness! We had neighbors all around us with much worse damages than we had, so we were very thankful. Below are some small photos of what it looked like and also a few that show how life goes on and that Springtime is still wonderful here...

Amazing how strong the winds are to uproot huge trees, roots and all!

This is one side of our home and what it did to some of our fencing.

This is in the middle of trying to temporarily put one side of our fence back up to keep our dogs in.

In the cul de sac down our street, a neighbors whole tree fell through their fence and blocked the whole street, which prevented anyone there from driving to work or wherever they needed to go.

This is the back view of the Farmer's Market building near our home. It's roof was blown off, along with many bricks and in front where you can't see, a huge sign toppled over and the traffic lights at the intersection here were left as bits of wire blowing in the breeze.

My daughter and I drove around the neighboring streets to survey damages and already, people were busy with chainsaws getting debris out of the way. A lot of people could not do anything until their insurance adjusters came to look at the damages. Still others were talked to by the Red Cross trying to determine who needed immediate attention. Did I say that we were lucky? I said, life goes on and I still have my purple irises blooming in my antique tub in the backyard :)

And my stubby banana tree is sprouting up again :)

And the peach tree hanging over our fence (wink) from the neighbor next to us is full of little peaches, just waiting for the darn squirrels to pluck them if we don't watch out for them! ;)
It will be awhile before everything is back to normal for some of us, but gosh, we were so fortunate!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sigh of relief

It's been a tough time for me lately. On March 19, I had the wonderful news that my Grandson was born! This was the good part. The other part is that my son was injured in a baseball game. He had numerous injuries, including a concussion and a broken orbital bone, causing his eye to be pushed back some 5 millimeters and drop a bit (yeowwwsh!) If that wasn't bad enough, his sinus cavity literally exploded or burst. He had reconstructive surgery approximately 10 days later, after a round of antibiotics and waiting for immense swelling to go down. Today, you'd almost never notice except that he can't put his contact lenses back on yet and there is still some slight bruising and the stitches are visible until they dissolve just under his lower eyelid. I have to say that this was a scary ordeal to go though for the whole family. My son barely complained the whole time. I was amazed...simply amazed. Again, let me thank those of you who knew of our situation and prayed for him. We are very thankful that he came through this as well as he did. Hopefully, his vision will not be affected, but time will tell and he is recovering nicely! Head and facial injuries can be serious business. If your child gets struck in the head, face, or neck area, please do not take it lightly! We've known of children who have died over seemingly lesser blows. I urge all parents who have children in any type of sports activities to be sure of the policies and procedures regarding such injuries. We found out some interesting things in our children's school district and plan on bringing about a change. I won't discuss details, but we were not happy with with the circumstances surrounding our son's injuries. I am blessed that things worked out the way they did and know that God had His hand in it every step of the way!
Credit for digital elements here.