Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scarf Contest Anyone?

CRAFT: Singer Contest - Me, My Scarf, and I

Lately, I've taken up crochet and found it relaxing and nice to have something to do with my hands while the football games are on or while waiting on one of the kids when picking them up from school or whatever event the non-driving ones might be attending. There are some really good ideas in my head and I'm fairly certain the winning ones won't be crocheted or knitted (who knows though) but wanted to post this for those that might be interested. So far I've made fingerless gloves ala wrist warmers for my daughter, a scarf and hat for my granddaughter, a ridiculously long scarf for myself or whoever dares to wear it and am starting a curly textured scarf to try out a new pattern I found. There's tons of freebies, no need to really buy anything and Youtube has tons of tutorials on how to do any type of stitch you'd ever want to learn. Ok, that's all for now.....maybe I'll post again sooner than last time!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flu and October

Got 2 of my kids flu shots yesterday. I had mine about 2 weeks ago. Jacob is recovering nicely from emergency surgery and is back in school. October is here and I'm really ready for Fall weather more than ever. Need to get back into making things.....have been on a break far too long and intend to change that soon! Oh, really enjoying my new hardwood floors, what a difference putting this in makes. So I've been busy repainting trim and a few walls and hanging up some digital scrapping of more family. My wall is almost covered over the piano now, love it!