Sunday, August 17, 2008

What did you pay at the pump last?

Curiosity has the best of me. I jumped for joy when I thought $3.44 was a great price. Then I drove down a couple of blocks and it was $3.41.....then I called my daughter and she said she saw it a few miles away for $3.39.9 per gallon!!! Wow! I'm so scared how the prices are plummeting because I don't trust it. I am convinced that we are simply being teased for the time being and someday really soon, we'll wake up and it will be close to $5. a gallon like they predicted last summer. What do you think? What are you paying currently at your pump? Please comment if you can, cuz I'm very interested in what you think too. Look here and see how low it is down south of us, (as low as $3.24 per) wowza!
Texas Gas Prices

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