Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pet Count

Odd topic I know. But before I go into that, just wanted to let those of you who read my blog know what my family has been up to lately. Actually enjoying summer! We've taken 2 trips to the coast and have been to several new movies out and even explored our little neck of the woods like we never have before. Funny how little I even knew about the DFW area and all of the beautiful areas and things there are to do without traveling that far. DH has been recovering from rotator cuff repair surgery and off from work for a few weeks. Physical Therapy is in progress and he is progressing very well the doc says. It was hard making him rest from day one because that is the kind of person he is.
I was out back today putting some things in our upstairs barn storage and started wondering if we'd all gone crazy. Our "pet count" is now up to seven. We have 4 doxies, 1 min pin, 1 rabbit and as of yesterday....1 fire belly toad. Before that, we had about a dozen hermit crabs that we brought back from Galveston. Bad decision. They are not land hermit crabs and they all died :( So to make up for my daughter's terrible loss, we went and checked into land hermit crabs and ended up bringing home a fire belly toad instead. Go figger?!? They say that these can have a life span of 10-15 years if properly cared for. Imagine that? It looks sort of like a moist colorful tree frog, but it's actually a toad found in China. Vivid green and black specks on top and bright red underbelly. It sure loves to snap up crickets! I'll post pics of it later if we can get it to be still long enough.
Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a great summer and is all ready for their kiddos to go back to school soon, cuz I know we are! It starts on the 25th of August for us. I am so anxious to go back to Scotland in the Fall and meet our new granddaughter that is expected in early November!!!
Oh, another thing. Don't laugh now! I turn 50 this year. That is not funny. We will have our 5th grandchild born this year. That is not funny either. But in honor of both events, I plan on getting inked. No kidding! I wanted to do a thistle one near my ankle because of the significance of it as far as it being the National flower of Scotland. Also in mind was maybe 5 flowers representing the 5th grandchild. Then the alternative tat would be the Celtic symbol for motherhood which pretty much says it all I thought. Perhaps I'll design one with all of these things combined. I've been playing around with it, doing sketches and looking online for ideas and inspiration. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know!

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