Thursday, May 31, 2007


I finally have a doll in progress! No idea when it will be finished, but it was started in hopes of having "her" ready for the June 1st update of The Humble Arts. We shall see, and I'll post a photo of her when she is up for sale. In the meantime, I made a little animation of another ragdoll that I had saved. I have no idea how old this is or what, but it really catches my eye and there's a slight chance that I may even make a repro of this or at least use it for inspiration on another doll. We finally have a break from the rain and I really have yardwork on my mind, but came home and had a nice surprise that someone had done it for me. I actually enjoy doing it for the exercise and fresh air, but the humidity makes it kinda miserable.
My doll in progress has a torso, arms and legs, and half of a face. Hopefully she'll be able to see soon and we'll get her dressed as well. Gosh some things just don't go along as you'd hoped do they?

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Dixie Redmond said...

Cute movement, greenie! She looks adorable!