Saturday, May 19, 2007

The carnival came to town

I took my kids to a local parking lot carnival last night. They seemed to be amused. Gosh I remember when I was a kid how exciting these seemed to be. They showed about half as much enthusiasm as I thought they might. Oh well, it was still fun and sort of an end of school treat. Let me say that before I let them do anything I took a walk through the whole area and decided whether or not it even looked safe. I can't help but worry about the "carny" culture. The fun house was the first stop. Then a thing called The Cliff Hanger, not to be confused with the same named ride at Six Flags over Texas. It was like a hang glider ride where you are on your belly and flying around. The next thing was to try and win a stuffed animal. Try is an understatement if ya kow what I mean! I didn't see too many parents walking around with stuffed animals, but plenty shelling out the bucks instead, haha. Cotton candy break was next. Then we spotted friends from school and people watched a bit. For the finale, the ferris wheel and the old fashioned carousel was in order. This didn't do too much for me mind ya, but seeing the smiles on my kids faces did! Here's a few photos, it was starting to get dark, so keep that in mind :)


Atticbabys said...

Aw Sharon you created a very special memory for your kids! I remember looking so forward to our county fair every year! I want some cotton candy & an elephant ear please! Welcome to Blogland! :-) Nan

Greeneyez2 said...

Hehe, thanks Nan! It's lotsa fun so far...glad to hear from ya :)

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Oh Sharon, Bless your heart trust me when I say the memories you created for you kids is beyond your dreams, Let me share..My awesome kids are all grown up, and when they think I don't hear them talking away with their husbands or girlfriends or just friends and family, I will hear one of them say "Remember when" "Rememeber the time" The one that shocked me the most was my daughter said "
Mom always had some thing fresh in the oven when we came home from school every day" I didn't even think they noticed!! Your a Good Mommy my friend!!