Monday, October 27, 2008

Video as Promised

Ladies and Gents, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers!

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Rock Argyle Street!

Red Hot Chilli Pipers BLAST Live DVD and CD Release at HMV store on Argyle Street, Glasgow Scotland! Recorded at The Old Fruitmarket

Me and one half of the band
Me and the other half of the band!

Had a unique time today was able to go to their DVD/ CD release "BLAST LIVE" today at the HMV store. These guys are so entertaining in person too, very cheerful, friendly and funny. I have a photo posted above here of myself and the band in 2 sections at their autograph signing. There were so many of them (8) and the body guard looking chap was very happy to snap the photo for me.
I recorded 3 videos of their street performance and love them all. Some tunes they did were: Flower of Scotland, Hey Jude, We Will Rock You, Smoke on the Water, Eye of the Tiger and bits of others that I'm really not sure of their titles. These guys don't just stand there and play. They jump around and act silly, get into the moment and entertain constantly. I could be their spokesperson eh? Anyhow, it was a fun evening and a great bagrock concert that I won't forget!

You can read more about this new style of bagrock music created by these guys here: Red Hot Chilli Pipers

I have video of this to be posted soon if anyone is curious......come check back in a day or so!
-Sharon in Glasgow, soon to return to Texas

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Red Hot Chilli Pipers New DVD Release

Here is a clip from TV with a couple of the band members talking about what they do and their DVD release in 6 days. They are supposed to show up at the HMV store on Argyle Street in Glasgow at 4PM and sign CD's and let people have their photos taken with them. Guess where I will be? Hopefully the line won't be so long that I'll have to give up, I hate lines but plan on showing up early to try and get in line sooner. We shall see!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Glasgow Cathedral Service

Sunday morning service at Glasgow Cathedral was very beautiful. They had a service dedicated to Seafarers and there were servicemen and women in full dress uniform from the HMS Neptune as well as veterans, fishing fleets and their families. The Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and the Merchant Navy representatives were all there as well as children in uniforms too. While I am not of the Catholic religion, the experience was still appreciated. The music was quite lovely with the echoing pipe organ and gorgeous choir they had. Sitting there surrounded in ancient history and massive stained glass windows was just so awesome! The first lesson was from Psalm 107:23-31. Hymns sung were mostly ones that had to do with being a pilgrim, the sea and things pertaining to storms and God's mightiful power. You can click on each photo and see more detail.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Clanadonia Live!

Who I saw today!
The free entertainment is overwhelming!!
Of course, I had to have their CD
and they were nice enough to sign it.
Here is Clanadonia's website.
Warning: With 5 drummers and only one piper,
they are VERY LOUD, so ya might just
hafta turn down your volume.

I also got up early, took the subway to Queen Street and took a short walk over to The Barras Market, another side of town. There is a big ol' flea market there with tons of things to look at, buy and stare at! You can read more about it here: The Barras
Your usual fish and chips, scottish meat pies, haggis, other oddly smelling items are all there. This is a true Glaswegian seller's market and the conversations alone are worth the visit. (if you can understand them) There are also bootleg sellers and sometimes they get raided, but none of that happened on my visit. I read that you can find almost anything from an anchor to a needle here and I believe it. The antiques, jewelry, clothing, baby stuff, and sweets are what I liked. I didn't dare take too many photos cuz some of these folks just have this look about them and I'd be afraid to tangle with some of them! But I did snap a few from a distance. Funny, I had a fortune teller come up to me and start telling me all about myself. She new I was a foreigner and took advantage of that saying all these things and would I buy a charm from her? I turned her down and she really didn't like that, but heck I never asked to have my future read in the first place, LOL. I guess that's how she takes advantage of some, but not me. Anyhow, it made for an ineresting day and tomorrow I'm goin to the Glasgow Cathedral services to hear their majestic pipe organ music. More later...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Church Service in Scot's Language

The Lord's Prayer
Matthew 5:9-13

Our Faither in heaven
hallowt be thy name;
thy Kingdom comme;
thy will be dune
on the yird, as in heaven.

Gie us our breid for this incomen day;
forgie us the wrangs we hae wrocht;
as we hae forgien the wrangs we hae dree'd;
an sey-us-na sairlie, but sauf us
frae the Ill Ane.

This was how things were spoken in an evening church service that I went to tonight.
No, it's not spelled wrong, it just looks like it is. What an experience to hear these people speak and read from their Scottish Bibles. And each person had a slightly different translation too, so it made from some really strange sounding things. There was enough English in it that I caught the main point of it all, but how I wish that I had a recording to share some of it! The name of the church that I visited was called Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church. It is a beautiful old building of which I'll post a photo of later when I get a chance to get them off my camera. Denominations here are either Catholic or Presbyterian. I chose the latter. If tomorrow is nice enough, I'm taking the train early to Edinburgh!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We Will We Will Rock You

Same group of musicians in my previous post 3 days later, same spot performing Queen's big hit We Will Rock You! Notice where the big bass drum player kneels down for the small child to try and bang out a few beats....he seemed to be very timid. Was quite funny to watch.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pipe and Drum Music from Glasgow Video!

While walking down Buchanan Street near the intersection of Argyle, I came upon this talented trio of kilted young men playing the most amazing music and I quickly switched my digital camera to video mode. It's definitely what one might expect or think of whilst in Scotland for sure. Here are the results. They are quite fun to listen to and look at as well ;-)