Monday, October 20, 2008

Glasgow Cathedral Service

Sunday morning service at Glasgow Cathedral was very beautiful. They had a service dedicated to Seafarers and there were servicemen and women in full dress uniform from the HMS Neptune as well as veterans, fishing fleets and their families. The Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and the Merchant Navy representatives were all there as well as children in uniforms too. While I am not of the Catholic religion, the experience was still appreciated. The music was quite lovely with the echoing pipe organ and gorgeous choir they had. Sitting there surrounded in ancient history and massive stained glass windows was just so awesome! The first lesson was from Psalm 107:23-31. Hymns sung were mostly ones that had to do with being a pilgrim, the sea and things pertaining to storms and God's mightiful power. You can click on each photo and see more detail.

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Power Up Love said...

Great looking service. Really pretty place.