Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiny Clothes

Here is a little preemie gown that I sewed for my granddaughter yesterday. I prewashed some super soft flannel and found a freebie pattern on the internet. The sizing says it is for 2 to 3 pound preemies, so this should be just right. It also shows me just how tiny she really is without even seeing her in person, gosh! I gave it french seams so it won't rub her delicate skin and it has teeny plastic snap closures instead of Velcro that could be irritating or ties that probably would come undone too easily. It is open enough at the bottom for diaper changes, yet soft and warm enough to keep her covered and extra CUTE! My love for the color purple, lavender or anything in that group took me over again, haha. The little drawstring bag was an afterthought with no pattern used, just a freehanded sketch and stitch quickie that the gown fits in nicely or it could be used for the little bear that I also made for her below...

And to add to all this "purple haze", I found an absolutely darling little cotton knitted hat meant to look like a wee blueberry, complete with a green stem! It is also a preemie size and has a roll up bottom so it can be sized just right for her tiny lil' noggin. I just LOVE it. You can find the maker here on Etsy, my new favorite place to shop for handmades. Her shop name and id is My Little Minky.Anyway, looks like I'm on my way to brainwashing another female in the family into loving the color purple huh? I just can't help myself. Call me silly, I don't care! I dream in purple.
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