Saturday, July 21, 2007

Not as nekkid?

Cool, now I've given Nekkid Doll a coat of whitewash after a good sanding and talking to. She is giving me fits, since she is kinda tall and doesn't want to stretch out when I need her to. But being stubborn is a good thing in certain situations, isn't it? Anyhow, she has a nice cafe aulait (or however you spell it, since the spell checker doesn't even know, imagine that!) striping effect, which will be toned down in the next process even more. As you can now tell, this won't be the traditional orangey pumpkin you usually think of. She'll be a white one. There are many names for the paler variety of this particular gourd. One I've chosen is called the Lil' Pump-ke-mom. You might have heard of the Lumina variety or perhaps the Casper one as well? No tellin' which variety she'll end up looking like in the end. That's the beauty of creating a OOAK doll after all! More to follow...

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