Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Nekkid Doll"

Strange title, I know. But I wanted to show an "in progress" photo of my upcoming doll that will debut on The Humble Arts website for August 1st. Our theme will be Under the Falloween Moon. Most of us will have items with this Fall/Halloween theme in mind up for sale at this time.
I've made up this particular doll at least 3 other times. Each time she's been a little different and this time she'll be a OOAK too. Keep in mind that this is just a blank canvas of a doll that I've put together, with lotsa painting, aging and even more sewing ahead of me. Not to mention designing her clothing too. She's stuffed firmly and has a weighted tush. I've found that constructing a boxed bottom and adding steel shot before the final closing stitches makes for a really nice sitter of a doll and gives them a weightier feel so when you pick 'em up it's like holding a real person (almost?) Remember to click on the photo to see a nice larger view!

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