Monday, June 6, 2011

Stuff and Rambling

Ok so I'm sitting here in my house. The temps outside are around 100 to 101 F outside and have been for a few days now. No real relief in sight. Only problem is our A/C conked out on us close to a week ago. We've tried to fix it ourselves but to no avail. A call in to a repairman only let us know that what we thought the problem was... really was not. So.....a call to the original installer of our A-Coil up high in the attic and he says it is still under warranty and thinks all it needs is an expansion valve. But he can't come out for a few days. Meanwhile I sit here melting and wondering how much more of this we can take! Then a friend who owns a restaurant calls and wants DH to install a window unit in his BBQ restaurant because the one he has now is not getting the job done. This means he has a spare unit we can use!!! So we put it in the bedroom window and at least one room can get cool now. Here's the kicker. Being in a BBQ restaurant all this time and the smoky wood smell. Well, you know. Now my bedroom smells like a smoke pit, but HEY IT'S COOLER AIR! sigh.
Well so now I've made myself a coconut milk tea with strawberry mini mochis and I'm sitting here looking out the back door and 4 little furry weiner dogs are staring at me wondering where their BBQ is. That's been my wonderful life the past few days. Hope you are staying cool wherever you are!

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