Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ROT 2011

Here is a short list of things seen at the annual Republic of Texas biker rally (ROT) this past weekend. We found out we were able to go at the last minute when friends offered to cover the costs. How nice was that? Our a/c problem at home is still not fixed and it was a bit ironic to be complaining about how hot it is inside and then travel 3 hours away to Austin and be in the heat all day. Oh well, it's all how ya look at it right? Ok, here's the list of


Bar stools that raced
Awesome creativity and craftmanship
BMX bikes way up in the air and upside down at times
Beer and frozen concoctions
Bandana used as shorts on a man
Bandanas used as halter tops on women
Tattoos and piercings everywhere imaginable
Suspension of a young dude with hooks in the back shoulder blade area
Chicken on a stick
Foot long + sausages on a stick
Hookah bars
Massage tables
Body parts best kept covered
Painted bikinis on women who had no business doing so
Painted bikinis on women who actually looked like that had one on
Leather in 100 degree Texas heat
Sombreros big enough to shade a dozen heads instead of just the one intended
Dirt, grease, grime, sweat, blood, tears
Dogs wearing bandanas wondering what the heck was up?
High heeled women in Texas heat and dirt walking around like it was actually comfortable?
Black feathered wings on a gal with pink horns on her head
Bald heads were big this year more than ever on men
The Doobie Brothers and the other kind of doobies
Burnt rubber and clouds of smoke
Sunburned skin
Texas pride!
Beads beads and more beads yeah the Mardi Gras kind and the kind that blinks at ya
Golf carts with beads and blow up dolls and stuff
Biker patches that had the cleverest sayings (wink)
Tents and kiddie pools
Blissful smiles
Tattoo contests
Tattoo artists
LED lit bikes
Gorgeous blue skies and fluffy white clouds
Cactus, rocks and dirt
Escape artist Michael Griffin
Tshirts and blingy things
Custom fitted toe rings and tons of other assorted jewelry
Helmets that looked like sculls
Knives and switchblades
Much more, but too lazy to list… overall it was a blast and looking forward to the next time!

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