Friday, May 8, 2009

Did you win the lottery too?

So do you get those annoying emails as often as I do too? Every day my inbox is loaded with another lottery that I've mysteriously won, an inheritance from some unknown poor soul with abosolutely no living relatives, or some other too good to be true scam from someone ready to give you bucket loads of cash. All I'd have to do is forward all of my sensitive information to this "trustworthy" person from Nigeria, the UK, or wherever they say they're located.  Then for a small sum of money they need to process all this newfound wealth, they'll take care of it. Yeah right, take it and disappear!! I am so infuriated to think that folks do fall for these games and wonder how many have actually lost their life savings to thieves that do this every day hoping for just one taker.  It's actually scary to think! Anyhow, that's my rant of the day...the little image did make me laugh, but in reality something like it is really just sad.

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