Monday, June 23, 2008

Photos to share of my journey!

Hi yall! I've been back a few days and finally have my time zone lag adjusted (I hope). The difference in Glasgow is a whole six hours ahead, so you might imagine how "off" that must have felt for me. To try and force the change when I arrived, I stayed up & felt like a zombie, but it seemed to work per my son's advice. But somehow when I arrived home, it took longer to get back into the days and nights for CST. Whew! What I'll be trying to do is post a few photos from each day spent there every day or so as I have time and energy. The heat here is just awful, so adjusting back to 100F from being in 50-60F is really not fun :( I have lots of things to tell you about how different things are in the UK from the USA too, but for now, here's a few images and I've labeled each one as to what and where they are. These are from the first full day in Glasgow and if you want to see a nice 600x800 size of each one, just click on them.

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