Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ruby has a dress

Who is Ruby you might ask? She is the doll that is 98% finished as of tonight, whew! What a chore she has been to get this far. I've only had small increments of time to work on her and every few minutes is a major milestone for me and her both. I think the last time I spent this much time on a doll she ended up sitting under a peg rack undressed and still no face. Not this time! I pushed and pushed and all she lacks now are shoes and an accessory or two. Ruby's name is for several reasons. I had a Great Aunt Ruby who meant a great deal to me and it's still hard to believe that she's not with us anymore :( But I've given 1 of my daughters a middle name in remembrance of her. This particular doll has the color of rubies in her and when I finally decide to unveil her, you'll see what I mean. I suppose that's all for now. Going to bed. Good night!

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