Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nice getaway

Well I'm back, although reluctantly. It was so nice being in Hill Country for the weekend. I saw so many deer throughout the neighborhood too. It's like they are living in harmony with humans. Who knew?? When my son told me that they freely roam around them it just didn't set in until I saw it for myself. Also we visited Inner Space Caverns, which is an underground cave/cavern type place, with strange growing limestone and bones of animals fround from the Ice Age, no foolin!

The Teddy Bear Show in Austin was nice, although smaller than the ones I'd previously been to in Grapevine. Here is a little photo to show and the "cute little girl" is modeling an awesome silver charm bracelet that I purchased from Claralie Hall from Gaunchywhomperd Bears, also a fellow Texan and friend. Remember if you'll click on them they'll open up to a larger, clearer size!
And one more nice view to show you is how beautiful some of the pastures and fields looked from the Interstate. Just massive bunches of sunflowers everywhere! I can just see all of the hunters come September in droves for Dove season. Oh well....until next time.................CYA!

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