Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finished Crochet Items

As requested by a few, here are photos of some of the items I've created this year. If anyone has questions or requests, please let me know with a comment or email. Thanks for looking! If you want to see each photo in a larger, size just click on them and they open up bigger.

Cocoons, or Baby Sacs as some call them...

Lavender with flower vine and leaves

Little Boy's Curly Top cocoon with matching newborn hat

Polka Dotted Striped with Angel Hair face trim and antennae

Blankets and hats below......

12 Patch Baby Blanket

Birthday Gift Set

Mohawk Earflap Birthday Hat

Funky Loopy Mohawk

Boucle Yarn Elf Photo Pop Hat

Granny Baby Blanket

Matching newborn earflap hat

Cotton Sack Tassel Hat

Custom Made Earflap Biker Mohawk Helmet hat

Yikes, crazy experimental hat here

Multi floppy brim flower hat

Flower Child Head Band

Girls Flower brimmed hat

Girl Angel Hair flower hat, Boy Cotton Rolled top knot hat

Ruffly hat and bag combo

Girly mesh hat and scarf set

Hello Kitty and Grandma (me)

Mesh scullie flower hat

Newborn Bear hat

Baby shower gift made of Cotton - bib and curly topped hat

Double crocheted teal and chocolate newsboy button flap hat

Multi cotton newsie hat with flower

Open Mesh newborn hat

Yeeeesh! How'd that get here? OK, it's my piggy face mask hat did it one night as an experimental dare.

These photos are of scarves, bags and shawls...

Basic fingerless mitts with flower embellishment

Basic fingerless gloves

Child's Messenger Bag with button closure

Kid sized market bag

Cotton yarn Market Bag, Large size

All cotton tri-color swirled drawstring bag, tricky to make!

Curly scarf

Mesh Flower Scarf

Tropical Mesh Scarf with edging done in Argentinian Yarn

Zig Zag Scarf Multi tonal

Ruffled Neck Ruff in Olive

Orders for Silver and Beige Vine/Flower Scarves

Wool blend vines with Sari Silk recycled yarn flower

All of the photos below are Amigurumi, which is Japanese for small crocheted stuffed animals.


Mr. Octopus

Rosie the Sock Monkey and her bananas

Jeremiah's Birthday Gift

Covered in Amigurumi

Basic Lil' Bunny

Large cuddly Panda for new addition to the family from China!

Do you like spiders?

Alien type stuffed toy with plastic bags in the body to make crinkly sounds for babies enjoyment

Guess that's all for now......always more in progress!


Taryl said...

Love the newborn earflap hat! I've been looking for a pattern like that... will you share the pattern?

Greeneyez2 said...
Above is the link to the pdf download for the free pattern. I find most of my inspiration and patterns on Good luck!

Syrianna88 said...

Hello :)) I am absolutely in love with the Boucle Yarn Elf Photo Pop Hat you have you make hats for other people by any chance?? If you do, would you email me at so i could find out a price? Thanks so much <3<3<3 Jade

Payal said...

Love your Baby Coocoons And Scarves.... Can you pls guide me where to find Pattern for The Lavender Cocoon , or the polka dots Cocoon...
Thnx Already!!

Yesenia Pontier said...

I love love love your tropical mesh scarf. I would love to learn how to make this. Is there a pattern to follow. I'm learning how to crochet, hopefully soon I will be able to.

Yesenia Pontier said...

If you are still making things for sale, and it is fairly priced I would like to purchase a tropical mesh scarf. Reach me at

Thank you.