Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Georgetown Getaway

We went down south to the hill country area of Georgetown this past weekend. It was so pretty and the weather was amazingly nice. Below are a few photos of what we saw and did. Our son and DIL still own a home there and we have been going down now and then to check on it and help out while they are living in the UK for a bit. For those that aren't aware, it'd be just a short jog down further I-35 to Austin, which is the capital of Texas. Anyhow, here's some photos...and if you want a better view, click on the photo and it will reopen in a larger size.

A view of Lake Georgetown with the limestone shores and a few folks fishin'.

This is part of the shoreline and an scraggly old tree with roots growing inside the limestone.

Old farm equipment used as landscaping ornaments at a law firm.

A rusty old water spout going into a feed trough used as landscaping.

Buzzards up in the trees in the sanctuary of the hiking/biking trails alongside the San Gabriel River, which sorta creeped me out.

Me in a drain pipe by the dam of Georgetown Lake.

Deer approaching the front lawn hoping for some corn to eat. They are literally everywhere in this neighborhood! Free roaming deer, so ya gotta watch out when you drive down the roads.

DH standing on a twisted tree stump on the lake edge.

The Georgetown Water Tower

An armadillo we were able to snap a photo of along the hiking/biking trail before it scurried away. Usually we see these odd creatures dead on the side of the road instead. Look at that long pink nose!

My DH in the woods beside the San Gabriel River.

That's me with the sun in my eyes.

DH across the spillway near the bridge that leads into the neighborhood.

The hiking and biking trails near the home that we had a lot of fun walking and riding bikes on.

UHOH!....now this wasn't part of the getaway. It is my 17 year old son's pinky finger post-op about a month after amputation revision surgery. He had another accident. Please advise your children to be very careful lifting weights. This happened at school and long story short, his finger got in the way of a dumbbell and was chopped off at the end. OUCH OUCH OUCH! He is much better, but geez did it look a lot worse when it first happened. (Sorry if this photo offends anyone.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wow it's February and I haven't made a post yet!

Either I am lazy, busy, or distracted from my blogging. Well this past weekend my daughter and I went to the Teddy Bear and Folkart Show here in Grapevine. It was nice and inspiring, full of the usual eye candy, but the best part was meeting back up with our dear friend, Claralie Hall from Gaunchywhomperd Bears. I came home with a few new "elephant" friends and more (THANKS CLARALIE!!!) and we had a nice talk about life and things were were doing. I will return and post some photos of Main Street and I'm sorry that I didn't get a single photo of the show, but sometimes the people there are not so keen on you taking photos for whatever reason. Not like I want to steal their ideas, hey it's free advertising if you asked me. But nevermind that. We walked all down the historical part of Grapevine and saw a Glassblower shop making art glass flowers with long twisted stems. Then there was the train depot and the museum. Further down, we grabbed a bite to eat at Weinberger's Deli yummmmm. Wilhoite's the biker restaurant/bar hangout had a full house. There were antique, gift, memorabilia, jewelery, clothing shops, eateries and more. Every now and then you'd see a bronze sculpture of something whimsical or historical as far as some person in the making of the city or whatnot. The Opry House was there and I even saw Elvis in the old movie house that is now an art gallery, imagine that! Further down at the end we visited the British Emporium and they had IrnBru for sale! Wow, how I miss that drink from Glasgow. We also got a few candies that I had tried over there and saw a lot of London, Glasgow and even Indian grocery items. They had meat pies too. The Beatles, Paddington Bear, Dr. Who and more were prevalent in the gifty items. Mind the Gap towels that I saw in Heathrow were available. It was almost like being in the UK again.....well not really, but fun to shop around in anyhow.

The Gaylord Texan Trolley Shuttle that comes through Main Street.

Mayor Benjamin Wall in bronze near the corner of the Courthouse.

Wilhoite's Biker Hangout View I

Wilhoite's Biker Hangout View II

Master Made Feed Store in Grapevine, Texas

The Sunday Skaters bronze sculpture next to Weinbergers Deli.

Me next to a bronzed gent in front of the Wall Hotel.

The Glassblower's Display - Vetro Artglass Studio in Grapevine, TX

My shadow and her friend on the back of a vintage railroad car.

Cotton Belt Route Windmill