Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and to Christians everywhere it is the anniversay of Christ's death on the cross.  This leads to Easter Sunday in a couple of days, when we celebrate His resurrection. I don't know about you, but to me this is even more important than Christmas when we celebrate His birth. I won't preach on this subject but wanted to recognize it here on my blog and also post some photos of crosses that I collected from Scotland this past year. It seems like an appropriate time to present them. Most of them are Celtic varieties and they are all photographed within the Glasgow Necropolis Cemetery. The Necropolis is an ancient, eerily beautiful Victorian burial ground. This place became a popular tourist attraction since it opened in 1833. I found myself walking to it at least 3 times when I was there last year. Mostly because it is so big and also to get the best photos at various times of the day. They say at least 50,000 Glaswegians are buried there in 3,500 tombs and mausoleums. If you go to see the magnificent Glasgow Cathedral, you can get to it from The Bridge of Sighs, also very beautiful sights to see. The cemetery is actually a hill starting with the wealthiest people at the top down to the common people down at the bottom. Seems snobby? That's how it was done. I recommend not missing this if you are ever in Glasgow!

I don't normally pose in cemeteries, but did here to show how large these monuments actually are. There are many more that are even taller. I was awe struck to see this in its entirety. Some might find a place like this strange, spooky or weird, but it was serene and beautiful for me.

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