Friday, January 16, 2009

Who Owns Edgar Allen Poe?

Do you remember reading Edgar's poems and stories in school? I sure do. Today in an email from a site I just registered with, I found out it was the 200th anniversary of Poe's birthday on January 19th, which will be this coming Monday. Funny the things you end up learning by the networking and facts on random sites huh? Look here for an interesting article about who owns him. Get your free Never More emboidery and clip art images at Urban Threads dot com too. Here is what it looks like as a shrunken clip art image. The above image is a downsized hand embroidery example. Click for their true sizes. Cool freebies I thought!

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softinthehead said...

Hey Greenie! I finally have a small bit of time to wander through "Blogland" and say howdy to friends. I am no longer on HARTS so it was important to get over here to read your blog and say hello. Stay warm and have an awesome New year! Pam