Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mystery Ladies Tale

I've decided that these mystery ladies are older and younger sisters. One of them has lost their way. The other has taken the better path. Something dark looms over this lady with the glasses and an inner sense of peace is with the one on the right. Since this is what I've decided, they will take on these roles in my newest collage art. It is started with a small enamelware baking pan that has seen better days... all rusty, dinged and stained with age. It will now tell the story of the mystery ladies and send a message out to all at the same time. Bible verses somehow keep coming into play when I work on it and I've decided to call this piece where it came from. Simply: Joshua 24:15. That sums it up! A sneak preview of a corner or 2 of it will be posted soon, so stay tuned...

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